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I am a translator and proofreader.

My latest works include:

Mark Salisbury: En Kuffert fuld af skabninger
Udforsk filmmagien bag: Fantastiske skabninger og hvor de findes

Åsa Hellberg: Toscana tur og retur

Åsa Hellberg: Verden er lille

Cory Doctorow: Little Brother

Our translation of Cory Doctorow's book Little Brother had the honour of being mentioned by reviewer Steffen Larsen in the Danish newspaper Politiken as one of the 18 books one could buy as a gift for Christmast on the 5th of December 2014. Politiken:Artikel

My introduction to the literary genres began with a love of romances in all shapes and forms and continued to a love of all the fantastic genres.
Feel free to contact me via mail at lea@thume.dk

I became a member of the Danish Authors' Society in the fall 2009, in the sub group Danish Translators' Union. I hold a Masters degree in English with Rhetoric as a minor. I planned my education at Copenhagen University with a view towards translating American and English Children's Literature, Science Fiction and Fantasy into Danish.

Science Fiction & Fantasy Translation Awards Have announced the winners 2012. The translation of The Green Jacket got an Honorable mention, but didn't win the main prize.

“The Green Jacket” by Gudrun Östergaard, translated from the Danish by the author and Lea Thume
(Sky City: New Science Fiction Stories by Danish Authors, Carl-Eddy Skovgaard ed., Science Fiction Cirklen)

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Excerpts from both original and translation.

Learn Danish (Written in Danish)
Learn Danish the Easy and funny way

Only you know which books you child finds scary. I recommend books from Dorling Kindersley.
"Tamora Pierce Ridder og Magiker" (Written in Danish)
Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe in different Danish Translations
New translations of Tarzan Pippi and Ronja

I hold memberships to the following groups:

Dansk Oversætterforbund. Danish Authors' Society
IBBY Denmark. The International Board of Books for Young People
SFC. The Danish Science Fiction society.
Fantastik. For all the fantastic genres.

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