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Scarry books?
All the books I recommend for children are found at Danish Libraries in the children's section. I would still advice parents that they read the first book in a new series before they hand the books over to the youngsters. Only you know the children well enough to judge wether a book is suitable for them or not.
If the books contain scarry things you could read for the child in the afternoon (before the sun sets).
If there are serious matters to consider (such as slavery in the Robinson Crusoe story) you parents can read the books for the children and explain while you are reading.

I recommend the British publishers Dorling Kindersley.
They publish books with many good and interesting explanations. I found them via their Danish translators the publishers Flachs. They have really made an effort in publishing these books. In a few of the books they have even used two different translators one for the story and one for the factual text.
Dorling Kindersley have published an edition of the Robinson Crusoe story, it is filled with intriguing little facts and pictures of the different tools Robinson uses in the book and some really detailed and gripping pictures of the story. They have published many other classics among others Robin Hood and King Arthur just to name a few.

Happy Reading.

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